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Hand carved and made to order, our Sculptures are the product of years of experience working with top-of-the-line fiberglass materials. Work with our team of experts to make your sculpture come to life with jaw-dropping detail and vibrant color… whatever you need, our team can deliver exactly what you need!


Mascots can be tricky-- even the slightest variation from a beloved design can stick out like a sore thumb. But our team of experts are extremely well-versed in adhering to the strictest of brand standards and delivering a finished product that is a perfect likeness of the face of your brand. Trust us to get it right!


No matter what we’re carving, we’ll produce a final product that invites you to reach out and touch it, just to see what it’s made of. From the quality of the materials to the boldness and artistry of the colors, you’ll be proud to display your EmeraldFX carving.

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