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Fiberglass manufacturing is where we cut our teeth, and at our core it’s the thing we love to do-- custom carvings that bring your vision to life and carry the quality that we’ve become known for nationwide. Whatever you need designed, whatever you need built, we’ve created thousands of unique pieces… oftentimes with no more than a Post-it note sketch to get started. Let’s work together and bring your one-of-a-kind design to life!

Why EmeraldFX for Manufacturing:

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Experienced working with exact product specifications

You Dream It, We Theme It

We love fleshing out your design to bring your vision to life

Brand Standards

Our designers will expertly recreate your mascot or character model

Turnaround Time

We can get your project done quickly to hit hard deadlines


Tight budget? No problem! Let’s work to find a solution!

Here or There

Can deliver your products or have them ready for pick-up at the factory

Manufacturing Projects

University of Delaware

Location: University of Delaware

Industry: Manufacturing

Features: Sculptures, Water Features

Amber YMCA, PA

Location: Amber YMCA, PA

Industry: Manufacturing

Features: Water Slides, Water Features

Collinwood, Ohio

Location: Collinwood, Ohio

Industry: Manufacturing

Features: Water Slides, Play Structures

Sea The Future Learning Center, Marmora NJ

Location: Sea The Future Learning Center, Marmora NJ

Industry: Manufacturing

Features: Drench Deck, Water Features

Large Mickey Mart Moose

Location: Mickey Mart

Industry: Manufacturing

Features: Sculptures

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